Blast from the past – Chicken powered car!

chicken powered car

Harold Bate, chicken farmer and inventor from Devonshire, England says that you can power your motor vehicles with droppings from chickens, pigs or any other animal of your choice – even with your own waste! So it was Harold Bate and his chicken-powered 1953 Hillman. By processing methane gas from rotted chicken manure and feeding it to the engine through a special device he invented, Bate says, he has managed to drive his 1953 Hillman at speeds up to 75 mph without the use of gasoline.

He produced methane gas by simply sealing four or five gallons of chicken manure in a drum and heating it to a constant 80 degrees with a small oil lamp. The gas is collected in bottles or plastic balloons through an exit valve and stored for use. Bate also heats his farm buildings and runs a five ton truck on the gas. He claims that both car and truck run faster, cleaner and better on the methane which is sucked into the engine by the cylinders and ignited in the usual way.

It is a renewable fuel, and also, it is pretty much pollution free, since the by-products of combustion are only water and CO2. Furthermore, it is economical to make, and your car will run cooler, faster, and better on methane. And, best of all, you don’t have to fight wars in the Middle East to protect it. Almost anyone should be able to start riding the roads virtually free of charge assuming there’s a supply of animal droppings and/or other organic waste at hand.

Via: MotherEarthNews