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Bird’s Talk: A nest box that taps into nature’s melodious tunes

You must have enjoyed all those melodies on iTunes how about changing that to Bird tunes for a while? No, this is no new software out on iOS or Android. For a world consumed by gadgets and electronics, there is little time to stop and listen to birds humming out some awesome melodies. We are just way too busy to try and connect with nature even in little pleasant ways. But Bird’s Talk is a modified version of a traditional bird’s nest that will amplify those unique tunes for you.

Bird's Talk

The design of Bird’s Talk is much like a megaphone that is used to enhance the range of audible sound. With this innovative nest, all those chirps and songs will get a lot louder than ever before. One side of the nest is designed to allow entry of the small birds and you can even seal off the other side with a perforated sheet to allow just sound to pass through. This way, there will be no threat of predators for your little feathered friends.

The unit can be easy detached and cleaned and you can install it within seconds in any place of your choice. Designed by Vasily Kassab, it allows you to provide a shelter to both the common and the rare bird species of your locality. Just make sure though that it is not a crow that ends up perched on one of the ends of this bird megaphone. If that happens, then you could really be in for an ear shattering and migraine making afternoon!

Via: Vasily Kassab

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