Biomass waste: Energy for the future

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In today’s times, where global warming is fast spreading its tentacles it is wise to use biofuels for our vehicles. The idea sounds great. It will have a double impact. For one, it will be cheaper than the fossil fuels and petroleum used today while it will have a less bearing on the environment that is succumbing to the greenhouse gases emitted by us.

Researchers at the University of Georgia are working in this regard. They are trying to find a way to reduce the cost of effectively and cheaply producing fuels from biomass waste. Biomass waste is regarded as something of a “holy grail” by a few. Researchers at the University are working on just such a biofuel. In their preliminary tests, they have shown that a new fuel blend with other biodiesels or petroleum diesels can be used which will create lesser amount of pollution.

Researchers are using small wood pellets that are heated up in the absence of oxygen to create oil and a charcoal product, both of which could possibly have a positive economic impact. If the experiment succeeds than this new fuel could actually be carbon negative, which is a third possible benefit to this new fuel source. The team is yet to name the biofuel.

Rightly speaking, global environment needs something of this type to fight the ever-increasing pollution levels.