Ditch Disposable Batteries – The next step towards a greener globe!

green batteries

For those who have never heard from me before (I bet that constitutes most of you), I just can’t stress enough how much I hate both batteries (traditional ones) & plastic. Sure, there are many environmentally sound causes you can take up. But despite all other challenges the planet faces, I feel these are still the greatest threats. You ask me why so? Well, because they are used everywhere & are an absolute nuisance. So every time someone shows me (& the world) an alternative, I’m very happy to put it over.

This might not be ground breaking news, but it is the next step forward. Rechargeable batteries have been around for a long time now. But like every technology at initial stage, they have their limitations. But with growing technology & eco-friendly research, this industry too is moving rapid strides forward. So we have got to the point where, we now have Lithium-ion & Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries. These are the latest step forward in Rechargeable battery technology.

Well, you might ask, what’s new in this? Actually, a lot is. They are far more technologically advanced; they have more life & get recharged better & faster. Sure, their counter price is high, but with it amounting to 10-cents/ battery at the end of it all, I don’t think I need to say what is easy on your pocket.

Do I need to say more? They help your finances & help the planet reduce waste. Still, I think we need alternate to this also. I don’t like chemicals in batteries. But for now, this will do. They go easy on your pocket & are great for the planet. I already use the available rechargeable batteries & never use plastic bags (I’m not an angel, but this I did commit myself to). So, get started folks.