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Awesome green creations from old cellphones

The staggering rate at which mobile technology is advancing, means that people in search for the best and the latest discard their cellphones in no time. While some manufacturers are trying to green their credentials by allowing users to send the cellphones back to the manufacturer for proper recycling, a major chunk of these phones enters the landfills polluting the scarce resources that we have. Not often do we see old cellphones being reused in some form, but there definitely are certain green thinkers for whom these pieces of outdated technology are raw materials for something unique and creative. Check out some of these beautiful artifacts, which would definitely attract green geeks.

Reycled Cellphone Art By Rob Pettit

Cellphone Menorah Created by Rabbi Odom and Henny Brandman

Giant CellPhone Sculpture Created by Romanian Artists

Recycled Cellphone Art Wall in Copenhagen Meatpacking District

Giant Frame Created by Nigel Sielegar

Mobile Mobile Sculpture Created by LBi

vintage forties telephone made from compressed recycled cellphonesMoby the Frog Created by Anthony Wilson

Christmas Tree Created by Westcom Electronics Employees

Cell Phone Piano Created by Joe McKay

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