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Avant-grade tablet styled computer keeps e-waste at bay

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Our planet is choking on the e-waste at a shocking rate. Thanks to the steep rises in the graph of manufacturing, usage as well as discarding of gadgets and technology. Electronic waste can be defined as electronic equipments that have become obsolete due to advancement in technology, changes in fashion, style, status and also the end of their useful life. But can we stop ourselves from advancing and stick to being old-fashioned geeks? No you don’t need to do that as designer Wataru Watanabe has come up with a solution to this global dilemma….at least in the world of computing. It is generalized that a computer’s life span is about 3 odd years. But Watanabe is positive that with his Clear computer concept you won’t need to bid adieu to your computer so soon. It is designed to improve the sustainability and extend the overall life span of mobile computers. Moreover it will have the smart upgrading feature to decrease in overall consumption and the amount of e-waste.

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Its OLED display with touch and stylus input will minimize the need of peripherals and make it handier to move about. System and optical drive bay covers can be changed when a new system or module with different features and ports are installed.
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The living hinge in the leather reduces the need for expensive hinges and renders protection to this portable tablet styled computer.

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