Automated solar powered boat aims for world record

Sailing is a demanding activity as it required both novice and the expert to quickly respond to the changing conditions and make continuous adjustments while navigating. Currently everything being manual about sailing, it is easy to learn but difficult to master. And AVS Roboat comes will act as a solution by being fully autonomous. AVS Roboat can be on the waters without being manned as it is packed with a collection of sensors and solar panels to add to its automatic attribute.

Fully autonomous ASV Roboat

Keeping the Laerling keelboat as the base, a team from Austrian Society for Innovative Computer Sciences (INNOC) has created this fully self-sufficient boat. This team has placed a battery bank and solar panels which generate up to 285 W of power to this boat which was originally designed as a learner boat for children. Direct methanol fuel cell has also been added to this boat for it to deliver 65 W for backup power. ASV Roboat comes with a three-stage communication system conjoining WLAN, UMTS/GPRS and an IRIDIUM satellite communication system for routing and trailing.

This innovative boat which will have a submerged microphone to deliver information about migration routes and pairing sites and the other mammal’s communication behavior, is set to cover one hundred and fifty nautical miles. It can remain at sea continuously for up to 100 hours. Since the boat does not produce any sound during its movement, it will not disturb the marine life. This solar powered boat can also be used for tsunami early warning systems.

Via: Gizmag