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Things you should know about vehicles powered by natural gas

The 21st century saw the birth of an alternative fuel vehicle, i.e., natural gas vehicle (NVG) that uses compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG), replacing the fossil fuels lately. About 12.7 million NVGs are running worldwide since the year 2010. These increasing figures of the NVGs encouraged the growth of many NVG refuelling stations. Starting from Brazil, Pakistan, Latin America even India has NVGs on the road.

In the attempt to make the earth go-green with the use of these NVGs, there are various set-backs as well. One should always have the knowledge about the pros-cons of the NVGs before owning one.

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2012 London Olympics goes green with recyclable basketball stadium

Hosting the Olympic Games has so far been a privilege bestowed only to a few wealthy countries who could afford to erect massive sports arenas required for the event. Since the Olympics draw a huge number of international visitors, building such arenas is something of a necessity. However, to level the proverbial playing field for countries with a slightly lesser budget, designers Wilkinson Eyre and Sinclair Knight Mertz have created a basketball arena that is not only budget-friendly for the organizers but also a lot greener than most of the permanent structures. The 2012 London Olympics Basketball Stadium project was created in collaboration with sports consultants KSS and as its name signifies, it would be used to organize the basketball competitions in this year’s Summer Olympics.

Recyclable Basketball stadium for 2012 London Olympic

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1 Liter of Light Project uses recycled bottles to create solar lamps

In The Philippines, like many parts of the developing world, kerosene lamps are the primary source of light for people living in the underprivileged areas. Not only are these lamps dangerous per se they also emit great amounts of CO2 and other toxic gases which cause respiratory problems amongst the people using them as well. This prompted MIT student Alfredo Moser to come up with an idea for a solar lamp fashioned out of recycled water bottles. This idea was further developed by Illac Diaz, a Filipino student who used it to create the Isang Litrong Liwanag AKA the 1 Liter of Light project. Even though its name may be slightly misleading, the alternative lighting system basically ensures that people are able to utilize natural daylight without having the sun blazing in through a bigger skylight during the day.

1 Liter of Light Project

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Solar powered ice cream cart

Have you ever thought of linking Ice Cream with sun’s heat? With everything going green, a dutch ice cream company in association with an Amsterdam based studio has developed a sustainable ice cream cart. This machine can keep your ice cream intact with help of solar energy. Call it the vending machine or the ice cream cart, it is based on a system that stores solar power in batteries. These batteries supply enough power to the freezer through the day and night, even when the sun isn’t shining.

Sustainable Ice Cream Vending Machine

The ice cream cart has a roof that has photovoltaic panel. This panel generates the effective and reliable AGM batteries all day long. What’s more? These batteries can be charged overnight by connecting the system into an external socket. The roof of the vending machine can be raised whenever required. It can also be extended using four telephoto panels. With green being the latest buzz, this solar powered ice cream cart can be the pick for all the eco lovers. This sustainable and compact vending machine has been created by spring time and surely will be loved by one and all.

Sustainable Ice Cream Vending Machine

Sustainable Ice Cream Vending Machine

Curvy, stylish and sturdy are the words that describe this ice cream cart which is mobile and can be your companion anytime and anywhere.

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Recycled beer bottles used to construct Las Vegas building

Las Vegas is also known as Sin City for its over the top glitz, the way it appears to promote glamour over everything else and its promotion of the indulgence of one’s senses to the point of being gluttonous. By its apparent promotion of vices, being eco-friendly is perhaps the last thing on the minds of builders which is exactly why the Morrow Royal Pavilion stands out as a beacon of eco-righteousness in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas’ Morrow Royal Pavilion is made from 500,000 recycled beer bottles

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DALA outdoor furniture combines recycling with Senegalese handicraft design

Self-proclaimed “design activist” and a designer based in New York City, Stephen Burks is championing the adoption of traditional crafts into the realms of modern design to ensure that these arts are preserved and develop as a part of the natural progression of design. The aim of Burks’ activism is to develop a way to enable artisans and communities dependant on the production of these craftworks to benefit socio-economically from the upliftment of these designs from the niche genre of “art and crafts” into legitimately mainstream design. To reinvent local handicrafts and introduce them into contemporary furniture design, Burks has created the DALA outdoor furniture collection.

DALA outdoor furniture

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Norwegian Roskva Electric Bike creates a whole new genre for e-bike bodywork

Electric motorbike may be just fabulous for the environment, but they have a terrible habit of being ghastly and geeky to look at taking away everything that is “cool” about riding a bike in the traditional sense of the phrase. Keeping this bit of vanity in mind, a team of students from Oslo, Norway-based University of Life Sciences (UMB) has created the Roskva Electric- an electric motorbike that has all the right sharp edged styling of a MotoGP bike with an eco-friendly 96 horsepower engine. Even though the figure doesn’t appear all that impressive for a sports bike but the clean performing engine is aided by the carbon fiber wheels, bodywork and unified frame that allows the bike to weigh less than 25 kilograms overall. This lets the bike get a nice and toasty top speed of 112 miles per hour though with a full charge on the battery returning a range of 62 miles.

Roskva Electric Motorcycle

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Nike’s new green GS cleats are made from recycled bottles and beans

In a bid to prove its commitment to creating sustainably produced products, iconic sports brand Nike has created a new football cleat called the Nike GS which is being touted as being the most eco-friendly shoe the company has ever produced. Throughout its body, the boot features renewable and recycled materials. The lightweight shoe weighs just 160 gms which makes it the fastest as well as the lightest shoe made by the company so far.


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BMW ActiveE

BMW ActiveE

Overview: Introduce the vehicle in detail (120-150 words).

BMW’s new 1-series-coupe-based ActiveE is an electric car. Active E doesn’t have an engine but has a motor. The space of the engine has been utilized by a huge battery pack which is a actually equivalent to a size of a big luggage bag. This is vehicle which has been launched after MINI E under the BMW’s group project i. This all electric BMW Active E was tossed to the public at the North American International Auto Show. This show was conducted in January 2010 in Detroit. The four seater rear wheel drive started is field testing in early this year in United States. This mega city automobile will be launched in the market in 2013 under the new BMW i sub brand.

Features: Discuss the features of the vehicle.

The electric wonder BMW Active E is being described as an electronaut by its test users. This eco wonder has a 32 Kwh lithium-ion battery pack with a range of 100 miles (160 kms). This car will keep you on the go as you can stay connected and informed using your iPhone via the free BMW app for Active E to get information related to charging stations nearby or the current battery status and more. The app can also help you control the climate of your car – heating and air conditioning mechanisms. Increasing the efficiency of your batteries, BMW Active E can be charged practically from anywhere anytime using a normal socket. What more? You can have your own charging station by installing a wallbox With power consumption equivalent to an electric cooker; this feature can provide you with energy on the move. With a complete charge within 4-5 hours, the high voltage batteries are one of the best technologies available today. The strategic position of batteries under the bonnet gives helps lower the center of gravity in Active E. On days when heavy traffic is a cause of worry, this will give you some relief as it a one pedal drive in heavy traffic

Variants: Write the names of the cars only; no description required.


Design: Discuss the design part of the vehicle (130-150). Discuss the exterior components and the exterior design thoroughly.

The aerodynamics play an important role in the design of the BMW Active E as great attention has been laid on the aerodynamically optimized curves of the car’s body. The silver blue stickers add a touch of BMW appeal to the vehicle. The stickers flowing through the curvy body help in exemplifying the circuits of the electronic Active E. The LED accent lights along with special air inlets in the front reduce the air turbulence on the front. This also adds to the aerodynamic nature of this eco car.

Performance: Tell about the engine type, power, transmission/gearbox, top speed, 0-100km/h and all other technical details.

BMW’s Active E has an acceleration that is smooth, quick and linear. Cruising easily on the highway, this car takes 8.5 seconds to reach sixty miles per hour which is like 97 km/h and a top speed of 90 mph which is equivalent to 140 km/h. The EcoPro mode adds to its green attribute by shutting down the defrosters and playing a googly with the climate control to increase the efficiency by 10 percent. BMW 1 series coupe provides a base for the BMW Active E model. The driving pleasure combined with an advanced drive technology makes it a perfect choice for all the eco lovers. The rear wheel drive and balanced axle load supply offer a great driving pleasure. The three blocks of high voltage batteries which are placed where the engine compartment lies traditionally, are connected through high voltage cables and control the electric motor which is placed on the rear axle. These handmade batteries including rear axle and motor are preassembled by the engineers and offer a customary treatment to every model. Propelling 60 mph in 9 seconds, this BMW series will give you enough torque, about 184 lb-ft as soon as you pedal aloud. Using electricity from renewable resources, it helps in sustainable energy generation.

Price: give the price range (of the base model to top one available). No description required.

The model is being leased currently during the field testing period.

Interior: Discuss the interior part of the vehicle.

The interiors are as flashy as compared to the BMW 1 series coupe due to the Pearl Grey Dakota leather upholstery. The blue decorative stitching adds to the zeal. The four seater drive includes facilities like seat heating which can be adjusted to meet individual needs. The car display gives you enough room to maintain an optimum speed to achieve full range. The comfortable leather upholstery along with enough boot space makes it an ideal choice for joint trip excursions and every day shopping.

Comfort and safety: write about the comfort and safety it offers

The Active E is said to meet the safety requirements stated by its engineers. BMW Active E remains safe and current free even in state of a collision. Acceleration sensors of airbags, temperature requirements of batteries or the charge level – all these parameters are being tested for the final crash tests. In case of an emergency, the batteries are being programmed to get disconnected from the electrical supply and ensure that all modules are discharged immediately. Active E is as comfortable as the 1 series coupe. The four seats and two hundred liters of luggage space offers you great comfort and luxury along with convenience features that only an electric car is capable of.

Pros: Discuss the pros of the vehicle.

On days when heavy traffic is a cause of worry, this will give you some relief as it a one pedal drive in heavy traffic

Cons: Discuss the cons of the vehicle.

The electric motor being audible under load as comapared to its counterparts might disappoint some of its fans.

Eco Friendly Vision House for all Eco Lovers

Eco friendly Vision House

For the environment conscious folks, an eco green house has been built by Structure Home in Los Angeles and Green Builder® Media in collaboration. The architects of this house, KAA design and P2 Design have based this house in the Pacific Palisades area of LA. It is spread across an area of 4289 sq. feet approximately. The eco friendly construction is synonymous to a luxury green demonstration home, being referred as vision house.

This sustainable residence focuses on an eco-friendly design which supports a UV light air-purification system along with solar panels and a central vacuum system which will eventually help in reduction of green house gases and carbon emission, This will also result in reduced electricity bills. This house also has a mold-resistant shower and includes fixtures like duct systems or appliances from Gaggenau. These appliances include a countertop steamer and a refrigerator with motorized shelve. Design beauty is not compromised as the architecture of this house highlights large window panels along with ceilings laid in wood. This creates a cozy bright atmosphere.

Eco friendly Vision House

The house is made of eco-friendly fittings and furnishings like side tables crafted from refurbished car parts. The light fixtures are manufactured from reclaimed blown glass. This vision house is a result of a LEED and Energy Star certified home. This ensures that it is based on green technology. Today’s changing climate requires more such options to be avalaible for all the eco lovers. Not only does it help to save the planet but also helps in individual savings. This eco friendly house is avalaible at a price of $3.65 million.

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