Artists create quirky camera out of photography books

DIY projects offer fun yet challenging calling for people to create interesting items that are either functional or decorative. What’s clear is that these projects require a lot of work, know how and imagination especially if the aim is to make them usable. In keeping with the principles of DIY projects, artists Nico Krebs and Taiyo Onorato have created quirky yet interesting cameras out of odd objects like books, stones and even turtle shells. The duo has also penned a book that highlights their camera endeavors and other undertakings.

DIY Large Format Camera Created From Photography Books

The artists seem to infuse fun into their work and give an interesting take on DIY projects and photography. For instance, one of their works consists of a hollowed out photography magazines that encase a camera. The photography book camera features tomes of all sizes, horizontally stacked together to create the body of the camera.

In fact, so entertaining is their endeavor that the publication has even been nominated for the International Photo Book Award 2012. This quirky mindset was developed early, during the artists’ school days. Based out of Berlin, the duo is a curious pair, eager to experiment and look at the darker side of humor at times.

The popular publication also features some shots taken using their quirky cameras. Motivated by a hard nosed professor who did things by the book and felt that good photography can only be accomplished if you led an interesting life, the duo has sought to refute this view by replacing life’s experiences with imagination instead. The result is a feat that’s wholly entertaining and very innovative.

Via: Petapixel