Artist creates original art works to revitalize dilapidated structures in a Russian city

Innovative architecture is not always about exhibiting highfalutin concepts in their grandiose scale. ‘Regeneration’ of existing structures, streets, urban design and circulatory patterns is as important an architectural facet as is creating newer, well defined buildings. In allusion to this revitalization of various spatial elements, artist Nikita Nomerz has embarked on a novel as well as ambitious street art project. Her fascinating endeavor encompasses the complete graphical overhaul of the dilapidated streets of the historically significant western Russian city of Nizhniy Novgorod.

Decaying Street Facades Turned Into Living Walls by Nikita Nomerz:

Starting out with an inclination toward the classic city based themes of hip hop graffiti, our conscientious artist then eventually shifted to the wider scope of street art. According to her, the essence of her art work is not limited to any ambit. In fact, she picks out any random decaying building, and then starts her free flowing painting on it.

In their intrinsic level, each of the revamped structural facades insinuates a wondrous, mirthful play of space and objects. Moreover, given the chaotic yet inspiring nature of the historic cityscape, it is not really hard to find points of interest for such ingenious artists.

So, at the end of the day, we have something that not only regenerates the spatial nature of an urban area, but it also helps in rekindling the vivacity of this neighborhood. After all, imagery is a crucial factor, when it comes to the positive psychological impact of an urban design.

Via: FresHome