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Aptera: Sleek and futuristic electric vehicle will now come from Santa Rosa

We have no doubt seen many hundreds of ‘concept designs’ in the last few years when it comes to green vehicles and futuristic designs. Most of these never go beyond the stage of renderings and there are very, very few that can claim to have even rolled out a working prototype. The Aptera though is not one of those as this futuristic-looking and uber-cool electric vehicle (it has three wheels, so it technically is not a car and hence need not adhere to those safety standards) which was produced for a while before the California company Aptera Motors shut shop.

uturistic electric vehicle aptera

Now the vehicle has got a new lease of life with a local firm in California along with some Chinese collaboration in the form of Jonway Group have decided to purchase the assets of Aptera Motors. This obviously means that this unique EV that looks like a bird without its wings or even like a buzzing insect might soon find its way on to the US roads. The new owners of Aptera believe that they will be able t produce and sell 25,000 of these over the next year or so and while that might seem a bit too ambitious, it could well be possible.

The Aptera apparently has a range of 200 miles on a single charge and can hit top speeds of 90 mph. It weighs around 1700 pounds and its sleek look and teardrop-design ensure that it has the aerodynamics that reduce drag and give it greater efficiency. And with growing interest for EVs and its innovative looks, the Aptera might sell really well if things according to plan for the new bosses.

Via: Pressdemocrat

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