Apple, other ultrathin notebooks get green grade

Apple no longer associated with EPEAT

Apple gadgets are not environmental friendly any more- this statement made a lot of sense some time back as Apple decided to end its involvement in EPEAT’s program. This backing out of Apple resulted in placing most of products in a cloud of doubt that whether or not they adhere to the green standards. However, this was a thing of the past as according to latest news the Apple ultrathin notebooks have been declared ‘green’ by EPEAT. What is EPEAT you might ask, EPEAT which stands for Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool works for minimizing the harmful consequences that the electronic gadgets might impose on the environment.


EPEAT functions by evaluating the gadgets manufactured by different brands on eight different parameters and some of them are: lifetime of the electronic product, whether or not the gadget is recyclable and the level of toxic materials in the gadgets. The initiative by EPEAT is definitely a good one and when Apple announced that it is no longer attached to the program then it came as shock to the world as Apple has always lauded its gadgets as environmental friendly. But this is all in the past now and according to the latest evaluation report by EPEAT the ultrathin computers manufactured by Apple and some other renowned brands are totally eco friendly.


Apple is back together with EPEAT

The news of Apple products not being environmental friendly sure saddened many of the Apple followers as today almost everyone is making efforts to go green and contribute in the initiative to conserve environment. This decision of Apple brought many negative responses from the public and that is what made Apple realize and it made public announcement to be back with EPEAT.

The main reason for Apple’s back out was regarded to be the launch of its new product which might not able to qualify on the parameters set by EPEAT. However, now Apple works in full coordination with EPEAT and sends them its eligible gadgets for assessment. Now, when the Apple gadgets are EPEAT certified again, the people who were in a dilemma to buy them or not have regained their confidence in them.


The electronic gadgets which can be conveniently dismantled for purposes such as upgrades or repair are regarded to be more environmental friendly than the ones which are almost impossible to take apart. The easily dismantled electronic gadgets are convenient to recycle when they are no longer useful and of course they are easy to repair when required. The MacBook Pro by Apple when evaluated on this parameter only got a score of 1 on a scale of 10 which is undoubtedly the worst score a gadget aiming to be environment friendly.


The ultrathin notebooks certified by EPEAT are great news for all the people who like to have sleek, advanced and eco friendly gadgets. However there are some people who are not happy with this evaluation of EPEAT and have stated that they are highly disappointed with the results. Casey Harrell who happens to be working with Greenpeace said that he is totally let down by the evaluations done by EPEAT as it so happens that only a few people will be successful in upgrading these ultrathin notebooks.


Harrell also said that EPEAT can never be as ambitious as Greenpeace is as EPEAT is more on the side of the sellers of these electronic gadgets. The response to the EPEAT assessments have been mixed as some people are relieved to hear that most of the ultrathin notebooks including the Apple ones are safe for the environment while some others defy the fact by saying that they are not completely eco friendly.