Apple iSync: Concept electric vehicle for a zero-emission commute

apple isync 1

If you have been living under a rock for the past couple of days or have absolutely no interest in tablets, then let us bring you up with the news of the Apple iPad 2 launch. Steve Jobs, Apple’s top man, unveiled the iPad 2 a couple of days ago and we have the perfect electric vehicle to go along with it. The Apple iSync, designed by Nathan Williams is not just emission-free, but also the perfect mobility and connectivity unit for Apple fanboys!

The iSync is perfect for the daily city commute with its sleek and stylish design that minimizes both space on the road and in the parking lot. The concept design is basically aimed at everything Apple and tends to sync with all your Apple goodies. That includes the likes of iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and MacBook Pro Line-up. You can connect, share, receive instant updates and enjoy all the Apple goodness inside the iSync.

The concept car itself is ideal for tourists who wish to view the city at their own leisure and it can even ‘stand up’ to give you a better view. The design allows a 360 degree view of things outside and with it being a noise-free and all electric, you will be at peace. You can just rent the iSync and take a tour.

Download music from the iTunes store, enjoy Apps and wear the Apple logo proudly with the iSync. The logo on top goes greener with more charge and changes to red gradually as your batteries run out of charge. No matter which way you look at it, we suggest Steve Jobs invests some of those billions behind stuff like this as well… Maybe at least one of these can be made for the man himself!

{Thanks Nathan Williams}