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Ample Eo lays claim to being the first electric quadricycle

The Electric Vehicle Symposium held in Los Angeles this week saw the introduction of an EV that claims to be the world’s first e-quadricycle. While that could be debatable since the older Italian-made Tazzari Zero is also an electric-powered quadricycle, Ample International’s Eo has a higher range of 200 kilometers and can seat between 1 and 3 occupants.

Ample EVS

The small EV is able to deliver a top speed of 65 kmph and a range of 200 km. That’s 60 km more than the Tazzari Zero offers. According to an official from Ample International, the Eo is an electric-powered four-wheeled motorcycle. Considering its slim shape, it does resemble a bike of some sort although with coverings to protect occupants.

What is interesting is that the Eo doesn’t make use of side mirrors and instead relies on backward-facing cameras to provide a live feed of the surroundings onto a screen on the wraparound dashboard. As for the interior, it features a seat for the driver in front and two extra seats for a couple of passengers. If the Eo is to be driven alone, then the two seats can be folded down to make room for luggage.

There’s no word on pricing or technical specs though it won’t be long before we hear of the details. While the Eo isn’t the fastest EV around, the range it offers is pretty impressive. Needless to say, most EVs aren’t really built for speed with more emphasis laid on mileage.

The Eo is reminiscent of the Volpe, pegged as the world’s smallest eco car. The narrow bodystyle should be perfect for parking in small spaces and for people living in areas where congestion is a problem. Moreover, the fact that it does 200 miles on a single charge means that you can drive longer distances without panicking about the need to recharge.

Via: Autoblog

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