Alppac: A brilliant on-the-go charger that doubles up as a fist aid kit

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Using kinetic energy to charge up stuff has become a really cool idea and there is no reason why it should not either. It is something that takes the most simplest of processes and changes it in to an energy generating endeavor. It has been such a big hit that the idea is being lapped up by even the best electronic companies on the planet. Here is another of one of those really cool gadgets and this one tops most others in the category for the fact that it is both multi-purpose and also does something that is essential and noble. Alppac is a backpack that charges your gadgets with kinetic energy and also allows you to keep that first aid kit with you when in need.

The backpack comes in 2 detachable parts. The main backpack contains the first aid kit and then there is the day pack. The backpack works on a suspended load concept that uses the momentum and weight of the load to create energy. This mechanical energy is then converted into electrical energy by a pinion gear generator. This generated energy is used to charge up your electronic gadgets. It also comes with a battery pack that stores the electrical energy as you walk, making the backpack function as a mobile power reservoir and not just a charger.

The backpack also comes with a separate compartment for first aid, providing users with easy and quick access to their first aid supplies. The daypack provides us with a lighter and smaller option. The day pack is designed for the simple outdoor activities of the day and maybe from your camp. It can carry all your essentials and yet it allows you to be completely mobile. The entire backpack concept is to provide a green alternative to campers and travelers and it surely delivers that promise. It also does something most essential and that is provide first aid. The bag is a winner in every aspect of eco-friendly designing and so its designer Joel Lim!

[Thanks: Joel Lim]