Eco friendly TrakRok ATV conquers all terrains with a clean conscience

trakrok atv 1 Designed by Alexei Mikhailov, the three-wheeled TrakRok is for all those who want an ATV to take them into the wilderness without polluting the delicate ecosystem. The trike configuration of the concept enables the two front wheels to be driven individually by electric motors, while the third wheel, which actually features an independent track system for use in harsh terrains, is powered independently by a high-powered electric motor. The track system offers adequate traction on slippery surfaces such as mud and snow. The electric motors, propelling both the front and the rear of the vehicle, are powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which are situated in the center of the vehicle to reduce its center of gravity and make the vehicle stable in all types of surfaces. To reduce the weight of the vehicle and better its performance, the designer has chosen to use hard anodized aluminum for the exoskeleton. The designer believes that the motorized track unit at the rear of the vehicle will enable it to counter even the toughest terrains where ordinary vehicles would fail. Mikhailov hopes that the TrakRok has a wider spectrum target market that includes military, farming and off-roading. Via: Behance