Affordable technology to purify arsenic-contaminated water!

person suffering from arsenic poisoning 9Arsenic problems and related-health hazards are looming large in various parts of the world, especially the poor countries – where the habitants struggle hard to earn a part of their daily meal – how can they afford to spend their money behind purifying drinking water?

Besides that, amidst the soaring crisis of drinking water across the world either because of drought, contamination or absent of proper purifying-technology set-up, researchers have come up with a relief to the sufferers! Thanks to nanotechnology.

A team of United States researchers have discovered a way to make use of nanotechnology to provide ‘precisely’ a cheap way of making clean drinking water for millions of people in developing countries.

The Rice University researchers have created minute particles of an iron oxide that bind themselves to arsenic, making it easier to remove from water.

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Explaining how it works, one of the scientists who wrote the report, Professor Doug Natelson said,

You have a little package that has this powder in it… You fill up your pitcher of water, you dump in the powder and then you have a permanent magnet that draws all the particles down towards the bottom of the pot and then you pour off the relatively clean water.

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