Can acoustic ceiling tiles be environmentally friendly

Today people are getting conscious about using environmentally friendly products in order to contribute their share in saving the environment. Increased temperatures due to global warming, deforestation and other such factors are becoming a cause of concern of many. By using environment friendly products, once not only does save the environment from further damage but save money due to lower electricity costs. This includes the type and kind of ceiling tiles you can choose for your eco home. There are endless varieties of ceiling tiles available today. They are available in many different materials, sizes and thicknesses.

They are available in suspended or drop ceiling types. Most common form of ceiling tiles are acoustical, tin, plastic amongst few others. But you would want to know if acoustical ceiling tiles are environmentally friendly to help you contribute you share towards saving the planet. Here are some facts which indicate that acoustic ceiling tiles do not have a negative impact on the environment.

1. Acoustical ceiling tiles have sound absorbent properties

These tiles help in reducing noise levels. They are usually made manufactured from spun mineral fibers and/or fiberglass that is mixed with starch. Since wood fiber is not suitable for humid conditions, it is not the best material for manufacturing acoustical tiles. Their sound absorbing properties make it an ideal choice for places like theaters, hospitals, music rooms and more. They can be made from renewable substances adding to its green nature.

2. Variety of colors adding to its thermal performance

Conventionally, acoustical tiles are available in white color but today they are also available in shades of gray, blue and beige which aid in generating higher thermal benefits. This makes these tiles energy efficient. These tiles can be your pick for your music room as these tiles are sound resistant. The type of thickness of these tiles depicts the level of sound protection it possesses. Hence, when shopping for acoustical tiles, bear in mind your purpose and your room elements. They improve sound quality and also help in blocking noise transmission.

3. Tiles used in highly demanding environments due to thermal insulation properties

Acoustical tiles are used in areas like theaters, schools, restaurants, studios, offices and places of worship. They are easy to install high density of these tiles adds to its sound blocking properties. Due to advanced room acoustics and thermal insulation properties, it helps in reducing energy costs and energy consumption. The high R-value adds to the benefit of reduced energy costs. Due to their thermal insulation properties, you can also save costs of your heating bills and also eliminate the need of heating appliances.

4. Can be made from recycled, renewable materials

The acoustical ceiling tiles offer a LEED® eligible substitute to other wood ceiling tiles. Offering the beauty of real wood veneer along with organic substances, these tiles are made of a unique fiber texture. These tiles can be produced by using recycled products, adding to its greener attribute. Most of such recycled and renewable acoustical tiles contain 70 percent recycled material. And if the end endeavor is to create an organic-Texture, these tiles are processed from 80 percent recycled material. This helps in reducing reverberation and echo. Being made from recycled material, they help in reduction of landfills and can be utilized for different purposes are the end of their shelf life. They help in saving non renewable resources of nature and help in protecting the environment.


Acoustical ceiling tiles possess thermal properties, which in turn help in reduced energy consumption, leading to lower electricity bills. They are energy efficient and possess sound proofing properties. Since they can be made from recycled material, it helps in reduction of landfills aiding in making an ideal choice of many eco lovers. With going green being the latest buzz, acoustical ceiling tiles can be great choice for your green home or green theater or green music class center and more such environments. They offer eye pleasing decoration, adding to the décor of your room. They look trendy and modish and yet give a sophisticated look. If you are the one who is looking for an eco friendly ceiling option for your green home, then you could definitely consider acoustical ceiling tiles as an option. These tiles being energy efficient are also cost effective and can prove to be a great investment in the long run.