Abstract Walls: Revamping office space with paint, wood and 3000 feet of tape!

They say the more inspiring the surroundings are, the greater is the work of art that is produced. Each of us has our own inspirations and people in different fields and with different perspectives find that moment of magic in distinctly different fashion. Working on the beach or overlooking a beautiful valley might do just great, but then everyone cannot build an office on the edge of a mountain or on prime ocean view estate. And of course, those sights may not be inspiring to everyone as well.

An Office Transformed With Just 3,000 Feet Of Tape On The Walls

But research has definitively proved that innovative and unique design improves creativity of those working in the office when compared to the dull cubicles. And a Polish studio named LATE Architects comprising of Tomasz Janiec and Mateusz Morski have managed to revamp an old office into a vivid and striking working space that will make a great design studio. The transformation though was not done with fancy and expensive makeovers that would set you back by a fortune. All that LATE used for the overhaul was paint, wood and plenty of tape. In fact, the designers used as much as 3000 feet of tape to create the new interiors with the walls sporting geometric designs.

While we will leave it to the artists and the experts of the ‘abstract and graphics’ to decide on the brilliance of the work on the walls, what is inspiring is the ability of the guys to transform the dull and boring walls into red, white and black delights that will attract your attention the moment you walk in. Now, whether this makes for inspirational interiors or not is sheer personal perspective, but it sure beats the living daylights out of dull boring grey cubicles. That too when you can save up on so much and just use tape! (Still can’t get around that fact)

Via: Fastcodesign