Abandoned missile silo turned into a doomsday bunker

It is indeed true that nothing sells like fear and also true that fear is being used deliberately or otherwise, across the globe today to ensure that people of the world do question the decision of those in power. And that is not just brute force. And it seems like clever real estate agents are using this mechanism of fear psychosis to turn cold war missile silos into bunkers for the eventual doomsday and sell them to those who feel that the day is not too far when everything comes to an end. Developer Larry Hall is currently constructing a safe haven underneath an abandoned missile silo, which he bought for $300,000 and he is selling seven of the 14 underground floors as condos that will be worth $2 million each.

Doomsday bunkers

If you are a bit short on cash then you can get half the floor for $1 million as well, but then you will have to deal with a neighbor. Of course, when the world as we know it, is coming to an end, a pesky neighbor should be the least of your concern. The bunker will hold luxurious condos, a security system that will keep intruders and others who are desperate to get in away, an inbuilt power system with windmills and even grid power (though the grid power might be useless soon) and vegetables and fish cultivating grounds. The bunker can feed 70 people with its home grown supplies with stockpiled dry goods to feed them for a good five years.

The missile silo walls obviously offer enough protection from nuclear wars and radiation and when you are hiding 53 meters underground, it must be safe enough.The idea of creating a sustainable underground ecosystem for our survival in case of a nuclear or natural disaster though still requires a lot of work and maybe in future more technological breakthroughs will make these future bunkers a lot more inhabitable.

Via: Heraldsun