A walking machine powered by the wind

wind powered walking machine 7071
I have already seen some spectacular designs of machines that have been powered by the wind in the past and they have been made by masters in the art of amalgamating engineering with art and design. This may not exactly be a stand out in terms of the aesthetic design, but it could be something of great value in regards to how we can expand our usage of wind energy. The walking machine powered by the wind is a project in the LeTourneau University and it is still very crude to a certain extent.

The project is aimed at making a walking machine which functions on the power of the wind. The model is pretty simple as it does not really store the energy but directly converts it in to physical movement. The video skills and the experimenting conditions could have been way better though. Maybe they could have really showed its true potential by taking it to a very windy beach. But still it has sound and stable concept. It could be really useful in say exploration of extra-terrestrial conditions!