A truly Green glass: Recycled glass products

recycled glassware

Here is a concept of eco-friendly products that I honestly believe is nothing to rave about buts surely something to think about. A company named Green Glass has opened up an industry that recycles old bottles that have been used into new ones & into some form of art pieces. Now as I said earlier, it’s something to surely think about & ponder over. I think their intent is really noble & from what I have heard, their customers are one happy lot. The company takes tons of old wine bottles & other glass objects & turns them into stuff you can use again.

They do it on a large scale, which is very simple. They claim that their raw product comes from waste streams & other unused sources. They say that they recycle as much of the stuff they can & in fact, you can send your own raw material & order any desired product. So if you have any old bottles lying around, just spend anywhere between $18-50 & get a great new set of glass items.

So all those who are interested can pack up their old glass ware & get new ones right now. I do not think it’s an idea to rave about as it really is nothing new. I saw some of my old friends use their wine bottles to grow a money plant in them, in their own halls. They don’t do anything special; they just take an old bottle, pour some water & stick the plant in. Simple as that. It is less attractive & not as fancy. But, for a lazy soul like me; that woks well too. So you decide what you want to do, but choose an eco-friendly path.