A trouble free method of converting an ordinary box into a solar oven

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All of us are well versed with the advantages of solar power. Especially in school when we were taught different techniques by which sun’s energy could be utilized to the maximum through solar cookers, geysers etc. The below exercise will not only remind you of those days but will also serve as a breath of refresh and an exhilarating thing to do with friends or alone.

Essential requirements:
A cardboard box, black construction paper, tin foil, clear plastic, non-toxic glue, pen, tape, knife or scissors and a stick.

Trace a border around the top of your box, about an inch inside the edges. Cut three sides, leaving one as the center and voila you’re done. Also cut and glue a square of aluminum foil to the underside of your door, and cut a piece of plastic just a little larger than the opening. Line the bottom of the box with foil and then cover the foil with a piece of black construction paper and tape it.

Voila! Your do it yourself (DIY) solar oven is ready to be used. Now, all it needs is some appetizing food to be baked and ready to be served.

via: thedailygreen