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A Solar Heater with Beer Bottles

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Ma Yanjun, a carpenter, of Qiqiao village, Shaanxi Province might not be a name known to many. But, what he has done is highly commendable. He has invented a solar water heater of its own kind. You can make it too, taking inspiration from him. Well, his raw materials were, believe it or not, beer bottles and hose pipes. The bottles are laid on a board facing the sun and connected with hose pipes to let the cold water rush inside. When the sun rays fall on the bottles, the water gets heated. His invention was for his mother, because he did not want her to bathe in cold water in winters. Talking of mother’s day, I would love to gift such an environment-friendly thing to my mother. Apparently, it was too difficult for him so buy a real water heater because of its exorbitant price. What we have as a result is something equally exorbitant and wonderful. Yanjun has surely crafted out a brilliant concept. I just wish that our big inventors turn out to humble people to take inspiration.

Source: UniqueDaily

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