A light that draws from the Sun & goes off when there are none

motion activated solar light

Now does that not sound simple? No, Too bad. Then why don’t you read on & it will all you will be enlightened. Here is a lamp that not only saves energy but also draws from a source that is free & available in plenty. This gadget is called “Motion activated solar light” & it is exactly what the name says it is.

The light is pretty smart, well compared to me it is too smart. It detects motion in front of it with a 180 degree angles around it. So now you need not have to bother about switching a light off every time you walk out of your room, or switch it on as you enter. This is such a relief for someone like me, I almost always forget to switch off the lights.

This runs on a solar panel so it obviously needs little installation mechanism. It is very simple to have one at your place. All you need to do is put the solar panel in the sun (I know, I know, that’s obvious) & connect a cable that comes with it to your light. Then you can throw all your switches in the bin. Well, at least the light switches.