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5 Weirdest renewable energy sources

Mushrooms and Lichen Turn Plant Waste into Biofuel

With the increase in worldwide population we need to look for alternative and renewable energy sources that could match up the energy consumption pace. Efforts are being made to generate energy distinctively from naturally replenished resources like wind, sunlight, rain, geothermal energy, rain tides and other organic substances. While most researchers believe that producing energy from conventional renewable energy sources such as wind and sun is enough, there is no dearth of individuals who try to generate energy in a unique way by using unconventional forms of energy.

Five such unique attempts to generate energy are described below:

1. MuckBuster

MuckBuster anaerobic digester generates energy from poop

MuckBuster, an anaerobic digester capable of generating energy from organic waste has been designed by SEaB energy Ltd. It uses animal waste, grass trimmings and other septic tank stuff to create energy in its container like structure. Organic matter in the digester is broken down to produce methane gas using bacteria. This methane gas is then used to produce electricity. This device is capable of generating 2KWh of energy using 1000 gallons of organic waste.

2. Mushroom enzymes used to produce energy

Mushrooms and Lichen Turn Plant Waste into Biofuel

Mushrooms and Lichens are being tested in Novozymes laboratories to create affordable alternative to expensive gasoline. Enzymes used in the market for decomposition of complex carbohydrates in the plant cells are very expensive and are unaffordable. This problem is solved by fungi like mushrooms and lichens. They make enzymes to eat decaying logs and leaves. These enzymes can easily decompose complex cells to a mixture of sugars. Yeast then ferments this mixture and produces ethanol, which is renewable clean-burning additive to gasoline. Novozymes has become one of the best biofuel enzymes producers in the world after producing enzymes from mushrooms and lichens.

3. Lightening to produce lighting

Harnessing the Power of Lightning

Scientists have successfully proved that water droplets in the air carry some type of charge because of air humidity and dust particles. These charged particles can be used to harvest electricity without letting lightening occur, which could be hazardous in some cases. This energy could benefit various families by providing access to electricity. The universal existence of atmospheric conditions leading to the formation of hygroelectricity makes this development technique realistic and feasible.

4. Oceanic vibrations produces eclectic current

Underwater Vibrations

Oceanic vibrations have been converted into renewable energy source by using latest technology. Metal rods are used to store currents generated at the bottom of the ocean and river beds. The vibrations produced in the metal rods due to whirls generate current. It does not require fast flowing water and energy can be generated by harvesting small vibrations. Water flowing with the pace of few miles per hour is sufficient to produce energy using this technique. It is cost efficient and the investment required is far less than that required for solar or wind energy harvesting. Moreover, unlike solar and wind energy generation, this new technique can be used to generate energy continuously without being as dependent on climate as the conventionally harvested forms of renewable energy.

5. Energy generated by burning salt water

Fire from Salt Water

The late John Kanzius while working on a radio wave machine for treating cancer found out a way to burn salt water. He was using external radio-wave wave generator to desalinate salt water and water ignited. Hydrogen was being released in this ignition process which could be used to a fuel. This process is still under study and alternative methods are being searched for burning salt water because the energy consumed by a radio generator is more in comparison to the energy produced by it. Another problem that needs to be dealt with is release of chlorine from salt water which is toxic in nature.

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