5 simple ways to make your geeky lifestyle eco-friendly

So you’ve been a geek for as long as you remember but you find that you tech-obsessed lifestyle is not really in sync with the global effort to save the planet. Even though taking the green turn may seem like an awful lot of work, it’s actually quite simple to do your bit for the planet without giving up your geekdom. Here are five simple ways in which you can make your geeky lifestyle eco-friendly as well.

1. Choose you toys well

As a geek, it may be almost impossible for you to even imagine a life without all your shiny toys. But you should really ask yourself, do you really have to have the world’s most expensive calculator even though the one you have on your smartphone does the job pretty well? If you’re really serious about going green, the first step for you would be to declutter your life. Pick and choose gadgets that offer you functionality instead of ones that you don’t really use but keep around for the sake of their novelty.

2. Track your carbon footprint

If you’re a geek and you know it, chances are you’re pretty good at calculating what your actual carbon footprint is. To make a difference to the future of the planet using your special skills would then not only be the coolest thing to do ever, but could also be the most meaningful thing you, as a geek, can do. So keep a track of your carbon footprint, identify the actions that are adding to the carbon emissions your lifestyle creates and do your best to bring those numbers down.

3. Reuse, Refuse, Recycle

Most geeks have the perennially annoying habit of “collecting” every possible version of a device. Not only is this a pain for non-geeks who have to live with them, it’s also very, very eco-unfriendly. When taking the green turn, the best thing a geek can do is to go the extra mile and ensure that they keep only the devices that they really use and make sure that the ones they use have high Energy Star ratings. It’s also important to recycle all discarded gadgets and the packaging it came in.

4. Switch off and unplug

As a geek, you’re bound to have a few computer systems, portable communication devices and gaming consoles buzzing through the day. Not only does this add to your power bill, it also adds up massive chunks to your carbon footprint. To reduce the emissions your lifestyle creates, you simply need to learn to switch your energy hogging gadgets (PCs, gaming consoles, TVs) off when they are really not needed. Also, learn to unplug you unused gadgets to keep phantom power from sneaking up on your emission’s chart.

5. Store only the most essential data online

Being a geek is hard work and if you happen to be one of those geeks that tend to store a lot of their data online or need to have their servers buzzing 24/7, just remember this- keeping every bit of data stored online requires a lot of power and most of this power may actually be coming from companies that burn coal to produce electricity. Instead of backing up all your data on cloud storage, invest in portable hard disk drives and keep as much of your data offline as possible.