5 Innovative gadgets that run on wind energy

Wind powered gadgets

With the ever increasing environmental awareness, people nowadays are looking for different ways to cut down their ecological footprints. One great way to go green is by opting for eco friendly gadgets, and the market is filled with a range of options. There has been a continuous rise in the development of green gadgets powered by kinetic, solar and wind energy for the last few years. Let’s take a look at some of the innovative creations that exploit the power of the wind. Hit the jump to see the five gadgets that run on wind energy.

1. Urwerk UR 202

Urwerk UR-202

Manufactured by the renowned Swiss watchmakers, Urwek, this unique timepiece employs wind power instead of batteries. In this innovative watch, small wind turbines replace the self winding mechanism. The winding mechanism is regulated by utilizing the compressed air that is generated by the two miniature turbines. The kinetic energy generated by arm movements of the wearer is also harnessed and the time piece is hence powered to perform. The mini turbines regulate the speed of the main winding rotor and make sure that it doesn’t turn too quickly or too slowly. In fact, these little buddies act as shock absorbers by utilizing the pressure of wind to buffer the rotor’s motion. This procedure actually prolongs the winding mechanism, thereby making the extraordinary watch more durable.



The HYmini portable charger from Miniwiz is an off grid charger that can charge all 5 V gadgets even when you travel. HYmini makes use of wind power to charge up small devices like cellphones, iPods, digital devices etc. This portable device can be attached to your bikes or even strapped on arms with the utmost ease to harness wind energy while you go out. The mini wind turbine installed in this palm sized device, exploits the power of wind and generates green electricity from this renewable energy source. The HYmini also consists of an add on solar panel that contributes to more green power. Along with that, it can also be plugged to a wall socket and used to power your gadgetry in a conventional, electric way. The Hymini is an ideal charger to carry along with you on the move.

3. Firewinder


Tom Lawton, a young British inventor, has created this cool, eco art piece known as the Firewinder. The 14 super shiny LEDs of this green lighting fixture get its power from wind. This wind powered lantern creates an extraordinary atmosphere. During the day the device looks like an ordinary wind turbine mounted on a garden tree, but at night, the LEDs implanted on the spirals brightly glow with the power generated even by a slender blow of wind. The power generator is constructed out of recyclable materials and can be installed quickly without any hassle. The helical wings of the turbine assimilate winds from all directions. The brightness of the light depends on the velocity of the wind. The faster the wind, the brighter it glows. The best part is that this lightning fixture can be further recycled after being completely used.

4. The Greenbird


This is, without doubt, a kick ass wind powered creation. Manufactured and designed by Richard Jenkins, the Ecotricity Greenbird is described as a very high performance sailboat. This sail craft is powered solely by wind. The vehicle has broken the world’s land speed record by reaching the velocity of 126.1 mph on desert cruise of Nevada. This innovative design, Ecotricity Greenbird, can sail both on land as well as ice. The structure of the Greenbird is made out of carbon fiber that weighs in at a mere 600 kg. A solid wing is used in this land yacht instead of a sail for generating movement. The elegant and futuristic design is based on sailing and aeronautic techniques.

5. Eolic


For generating off grid power especially in areas that are under construction or are recovering from disaster, Marcos Madia, Sergio Ohashi and Juan Manuel Pantano have designed the Eolic, a fold able wind power generator. This device is actually a lightweight turbine, which is fold able and portable. You can carry the device for instant power anywhere. The Eolic can generate efficient energy to power a small house. The body of this wind harnessing turbine is made of lightweight materials like aluminum and carbon fiber. It takes about three minutes to unfold the Eolic and a decent height can be achieved by mounting it on the telescopic pole. Eco conscious homeowners might also regard the eolic as a favorable product and install it in their houses.