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5 eco friendly home products made using recycled materials

Recycled home product

The concept of ‘green’ is catching up like fire all around the globe. People are trying to identify green ways and incorporate them into each and every aspect of life. Using green products means that you are contributing in keeping the environment pollution free and safe. It also means that you are preserving energy and using all resources efficiently. If you still have not ventured into the concept, here are some home products to choose from so that you can do your bit in making the earth a greener place to live. Given below are 5 Eco-friendly home products made using recycled materials.

1. Biodegradable vacuum cleaner made from recycled cardboard

Vaccum cleaner

Cardboard can be easily recycled and decomposed. So it is one of the greenest materials around for making green products from trendy furniture to various other home appliances. The cardboard has been successfully recycled and used for making a vacuum cleaner. It was made by Jake Tyler, a student from the Loughborough University. The vacuum cleaner is called Vax EV. The cardboard used for making the cleaner comes from the recycled cardboard of a shipping box. Apart from the case, the internal parts are also made of recycled materials such as nylon plastic. The creator believes that his cleaner is similar to the traditional cleaner but comes with an inexpensive price tag. Since the product is made of cardboard you can decorate it according to your wish using felt pens. If there is damage in the parts of the Vax, you can replace them very quickly.

2. Honeycomb-inspired lamp

Honeycomb lamp

Lighting fixtures are one of the popular products made from recycled materials. There are various kinds of lamps made from zip ties to drinking straws. Such products help the people to recycle waste and use them for making different products and at the same time protect the environment. The olive tree light is designed by an industrial designer named Georgi Porgy. It is made of copper rings in the form of a honey comb. The special lamp produces a unique lighting effect. The lamp is illuminated with the help of LED bulb that requires very little energy for lighting. So you will be saving a lot of energy also by using this honey comb lamp.

3. Minarc Recycled Rubber Tire sinks


Recycled rubber tires are used for making various green products. One of the latest additions to the list is the rubber tire sinks. Many tires usually end up in the landfills causing more and more pollution to the environment. The best way to stop such kind of pollution is to recycle such products and use them for other purposes. The recycled car tires have been used by the Santa Monica based designer of Minarc studio to transform them into a stunning bathroom sink. The tires are melted down first so that the metal fibers present provide a lot of resistance to the sheet formed. The sheets are about 1/8 inch thick and easy to clean. They can be easily stretched over any shape to give the shape you want. This resulted in the formation of stylish, super light and environment friendly sinks. The sinks are 5 feet long and 36 inches wide with double basins.

4. Recycled ReVIEW mirror


Home decoration is an important aspect where you can use a lot of recycled and green products. Whatever be the situation be it a birthday party, festival or any other occasion you can use a lot of things to decorate your home. This was the idea behind the review mirror made out of recycled products. A metal smith from New York, Boris Bally, created a stunning product that adds sparkle to your mantles or entryways. The review mirror that can be placed in your entryways is an exemplary piece of art from recycled items. The colorful rim is created from the aluminum traffic signs and is available in different colors such as yellow and orange. The accents on it are made from copper rivets and bottle caps. If you are interested in decorating your home with this unique mirror, you can buy it for $1650 from the Eco-Artware Store.

5. Madeleine Boulesteix recycled kitchen chandelier


How about a kitchen chandelier made out of recycled glass? Chandeliers made of recycled glass are gaining popularity day by day. Madeleine Boulesteix has been successful in creating dazzling designs of kitchen chandeliers with recycled glass. The designs are real visual treat. The stunning lighting accessories are designed in London by using recycled glass beads, jelly molds and champagne glasses. The kitchen chandeliers measure about 360 x 700 mm. They can be bought for 650 pounds. It may take about 1-2 months to be ready and reach your home. What else do you need if you wish to go green? Use these green chandeliers and enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen.

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