5 Cheapest electric cars you can go for

Cheapest electric cars

It is a fact that the future of mobility is dominated by electric vehicles and hybrids. Hybrids are costlier, EVs are cheaper. Electric cars have proven time and again that they are no longer offset by range or power limitations. They can travel more than 1000 miles on a single charge like the Schluckpecht or zap off to a flying start like the 1972 Datsun ‘White Zombie’.

Unencumbered by costly and complex technology engines, electric cars have the potential to be priced low and hence affordable. Cheap electric cars are already hitting the roads and if you are thinking of owning one we list here cheapest electric cars you can go for.

1. Tata Nano EV

Tata Nano EV

With the record of having produced the cheapest car in the world, Tata, the makers of Tata Nano, the cheapest car in the world, unveiled the electric version of the Nano at the 80th Geneva Motor Show. Named Tata Nano EV, the electric car which is built on the Nano platform will be powered by super polymer lithium-ion batteries. When fully charged, the batteries can power the car to a range of 160 km and even accelerate from 0 to 60 under 10 seconds.

2. The Triac

The Triac

This is one car that is equally at home on the highways or in the city. With a plug in complete charging time of 2 hours, this car would not be confined to city commuting alone. The Triac is powered by a Lithium ion pack which has a life span of over 5 years and 2000 cycles of charging. Powered by a battery pack of this caliber the Triac would be an EV to reckon with. Straddled on three wheels, the Triac is capable of a range of 100 miles to a single charge and a top speed of 80 miles per hour. Sporting a price tag of $22,995, the Triac is the cheapest electric car that has a hunger for the freeways as well as for itsy-bitsy urban commuting.

3. E’mo ev

E'mo ev

What happens when a furniture design company collaborates with a technical university? There is a mix of efficiencies, ideas and E’mo happens. An acronym for ‘electric motion’ and ‘efficient mobility’, E’mo is a product of a joint venture between Stauffacherbenz, a furniture manufacturer, and Rapperswill Technical University, Switzerland. Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2009, the E’mo EV got a thumbs up from critics and the public alike. An extremely lightweight car weighing only 350 kg, this car is made for city and local commuting. With an estimated price tag of $13,550, this cheap electric car features unique, clean styling with a folding top.

4. Tata Indica Vista EV

Tata Indica Vista EV

Here is another cheap EV from the makers of the cheapest car in the world. An electric version of the Indica vista, the Tata Indica Vista EV is seductively priced at $9000. With an acceleration of 0 to 60 km under 10 seconds and a proclaimed range of 200 km, this electric car like the Tata Nano EV will be powered by super polymer lithium-ion batteries. To be manufactured in collaboration with Miljo Grenland/ Innovasjon, the Tata Indica Vista EV will feature an engine with permanent magnet technology, regenerative braking, an efficiency of 96%, low noise level, lightweight at 25 kgs, a power output of 120 kW, and a maximum torque of 170 Nm. With a seating capacity of four, the car is undergoing extensive tests at the company’s facility in Europe.

5. Renault Electric Car

Renault Electric Car

Twizy is Renault, the French carmaker’s version of a Renault electric car designed for urban commute. Showcased at the Geneva Motor Show, Lauren Van Den Acker, the Design chief of Renault announced that the smart two seater Twizy would be priced at 6990 euros, which translates to $9700. This is a very down to earth pricing for a completely futuristic looking electric vehicle of its class, and Renault hopes to cash in on that in Europe later this year when it is offered for sales. The downside though is that at this price batteries will need to be leased from Renault, but at a measly $62 a month the car can keep running.