5 best eco friendly gadgets

The urgent need to save the planet and shift to eco friendly methods can be clearly seen in almost every individual across the globe. People are trying everything they can to turn their lifestyle into a sustainable one so that they can reduce their carbon footprint on this environment. Technology has been very helpful in this initiative that has made its way to every nook and corner of this world. The advancements in technology have made it possible to invent such gadgets that are friendly to the environment. If you are wondering about their style element then don’t as these gadgets are high on style and functionality.

Let us move forth and discuss five gadgets that are by far the best eco friendly gadgets available today.

Best sustainable gadgets

water purifier

  • LifeStraw-handheld water purifier: when you picture a water purifier then you always tend to think of equipment that is bulky and big in size. Well it is not your fault as most of the water purifiers in the market up till now were far from being portable but not anymore as LifeStraw has entered the market. This wonderful water purifier is handheld and has been invented by the researchers working at Vestergaard Frandsen. It is shaped like a pipe and it enables the user to drink clean and purified water from any water source.


  • Waka Waka- a portable solar charger: solar chargers are not new in the world of technology as they have been worked upon for over twenty years and now finally we have portable chargers. These amazing solar chargers are easy to carry and are capable of charging the smart phones along with any other device that is operated on battery. The WakaWaka solar charger is one of the most popular portable solar chargers that are available in the market.


  • LED monitors: we all know that technology has advanced a lot and the advancement is still ongoing. But there are some people who in spite of knowing everything fail to incorporate it in their everyday life. For instance some people still use those old fashioned bulky and energy consuming screens for their computers. Well it is high time to switch to LED monitors which are sleek and consume much less energy. LED monitors are packed with benefits and you can avail them all if you make the wise decision of bringing one in your homes.
  • Siva Cycle Atom- dynamo charger: dynamos are not something new as they were indeed very popular in the 80s but then something happened and they lost their popularity only to be famous once again. They are very much back in fashion and they have only become better and much sustainable. They are able to charge battery operated device easily on the go.


  • Paper bags: one of the best sustainable items that you can switch to is paper bags. Paper can be utilized in a number of ways and making bags with it is just a brilliant way to eliminate the use of deadly plastic bags. It is a good thing to note that people from all over the world have understood the harmful consequences of using plastic bags and they are switching to paper bags.

These are five of the best eco friendly gadgets that we have today in the market. There are many more that can be added to the list. These gadgets make our decision of going green much easier and stylish and work as an encouragement for most people. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and it is hoped by many that more such gadgets will enter the market.

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