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28 recycled creations bizarre enough for a purpose

recycle objects

Environmentalists have always promoted recycling as the best way to preserve the scarce resources nature has bestowed on mankind. Be it recycling for fun or practicality, there is no shortage of eco-minds. While some make us believe that recycled products can be cool and trendy, there are others who just recycle old products into bizarre forms, which mostly don’t have any significant use, but they do instill a green sense which gets us to inform the eco-frenzy about them. Here is a list of 28 such products which did take recycling to its limits.

Bumble Bee made from recycled motorcycle parts:

bumble bee

• 21-foot Styrobot created from polystyrene foam:

giant styrobot

Scary skull crafted from old kitchen utensils:

scary skull

Shoe structure created from recycled plastic bottles:

plastic boot

Centipede sculpture made from recycled cake pans:

diy centipede sculpture


• Recycled tabletop barbeque:

armadillo barbeque

armadillo barbeque2

• Artwork created from recycled cigarette butts:

cigarette rabbit


Cow sculpture from recycled watches and clocks:

cow sculpture

• Clock made from recycled computer hardware:

cd clock

• Recycled artwork by Leo Sewell:

leo sewell art

Disco ball made from recycled plastic cutlery:

plastic disco ball

Mechanical giraffe made from salvaged metal:

recycled giraffe

Animated sculptures made from trash:

recycled junk

Rafts made from recycled materials:

junk rafts

Organism sculptures developed from old plastic bags:

recycled robots

recycled robots  2

Sci-fi masks made out of recycled computer parts:

sci fi mask

Everyday waste material crafted into animal sculptures:

recycled sculpture

• Elephant made from recycled plastic bottles:

elephant plastic bottle

• Recycled Coke Cans sculptures:

recycled coke cans sculptures

recycled coke cans sculptures 2

Chewing gum sculptures:

bizarre chewing gum sculptures

bizarre chewing gum sculptures 3

• Recycled sculptures by Silas Finch:

silas finch

Recycled Sculptures by the Sea:

sculptures by the sea

Amazing sculptures made from used tires:

recycled tyres

recycled tires

• Animal sculptures made from rotten river wood:

animal sculptures

animal sculptures 3

Found metal sculptures by Joe Pogan:

recycled animal sculptures 69

• Typewriters transformed into sculptures by Jeremy Mayer:


typewriters 2

Old weapons crafted into bizarre sculptures:

guns art

guns art 2

• WEEE Man sculptures made from electronic waste:

weee man

weee man from electronic waste 2

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