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Innovative eco friendly products

ecofriendly products

Eco friendly trend is now very popular across the world. This environmentally friendly concept is mainly used by industries as an eco-label on their products, ensures their undisruptive effects towards the environment. As a result of various natural calamities such as excessive heating effect of earth’s surface, global warming, polluted environment and many more. It has now become the prime need to pay more attention to this serious issue at global level. Most of the nations are extremely focused on maximum possible usage of eco-friendly products by people. As a result, the earth’s atmosphere gets benefited through so many ways. Such as minimal air pollution and global warming, conservation of non-renewable source of energy and many more.

Eco friendly products are actually considered as precious gifts to our nature. Various ways contribute all companies to project the nature friendly practices. Recycling process is one of the major practices exercised by so many industries in very large scale. Many used papers are recycled to be reused in different other forms of packaging or something. As the biodegradable materials are easily decomposable in nature and less detrimental to earth’s surface, severely emphasized to be used in major scenario. Nowadays, varieties of products used in our day-to-day lives, easily available with eco-label on them. Hence, aim of less harm to environment easily gets fulfilled to very much extent. Many sectors like automobile, textile industries, food industries, technology field, fashion and art industries are equally working towards the common aim of eco-friendly concept. There are so many popular products, so innovatively designed, especially to fulfill the dual purpose of styling and noble deed towards nature. If you are also one of the eco-lover people then you must be interested to know about various kinds of eco-friendly products.

Following is the list of ten innovative eco-friendly products –

1. Eco friendly burial

Price: $ 40000


Now, even a burial process can be done with an eco-friendly manner. One of the special caskets are designed, are biodegradable in nature. Residues of banana clumps and bamboo plant are mainly used to build the caskets. As a result, an eco-friendly medium is provided to the decomposition process of dead body. One famous industry from Denver introduced this concept of ecologically-friendly burials. They specifically named it as Ecoffin. The entire biodegradation process takes around six months to two years for its completion. It is reported that many communities like Muslim and Jewish are showing very much interest in eco-friendly burials. Also people from New Mexico shown very much interest in such Eco-friendly creations as they highly believe on green ceremonies.

2. Eco friendly remote control

Remote Control

A very interesting invention is presented by one of the renowned company like Sony. You can easily contribute to go-green concept even through watching your favorite show in your television. Well, the invention of an eco-friendly remote control made it happen in reality for you. The young mind from China came up with this magnificent invention in front of Sony. Sony launched this unique remote by the name of Sony Conductor TV Remote. This innovative creation is available in wand shaped and is required to be bend side-to-side for charging its power. At the same time, a green LED light is also attached to it and functions as an indicator of remote’s power level. The unique creation performs different function through its motion in varied directions. This is the main highlight of the remote. For channel change, you need to move the remote in up and down direction. The conductor’s left and right movement is helpful in terms of controlling volume of your television. Whereas, the conductor’s circular motion is allocated for turning the system on or off. The main highlight of this remote is its kinetic energy. This special remote is one of the most attractive remote control in the market these days. This is one of the green ways to make your television watch more enjoyable and easy going.

3. Eco friendly pet furs

Pet Furs

Normally, you must have heard about usage of wool for winter clothes. In the same way, have you ever thought of wearing pullover made up of same fur obtained from your dog skin? Well, this is possible. In past few years, some people are actually experiencing the warm with the help of their own dog’s fur. The hair obtained from dog’s skin after brushing called stuffing. This stuffing is further collected in order to have sufficient quantity to start with knitting process. In later stage, the large fur balls are finally brought in use to design coats. Well, its one of very unique but interesting ways of acquiring an Eco-friendly nature.

4. Eco friendly edible shoe cream

Edible Shoe Cream

Had you ever thought that your shoe cream may also be used as a multi-puprose herbal cream? With rapid advanced technology and human’s extra consciousness towards nature actually made it happen in reality. A special multi-purpose cream is invented with a tag of Eco-label on it. Mostly creams are prepared with the mixture of several chemicals. The rest entire processing method also requires chemical treatment. However, this particular cream is totally herbal and eco-friendly in nature as it is manufactured with organic ingredient i.e. coconut oil. This all-rounder cream can be used for multi purposes in man’s life. For example, as a lip balm, skin cream and also edible as a toast cream and drinks.

5. Eco friendly umbrella


This particular umbrella is very much different from the conventional umbrella designs. Unlike normal umbrella, these eco friendly umbrellas do not have any fixed shading surface. However, you can attach or provide any surface from your own side, in the form of newspaper or any plastic bags. This whole setup is easily folded into compact form. Hence, easy to carry while traveling. The flexible design of this unique eco-friendly umbrella makes it more attractive for people. Make your sunny or raining days more convenient and interesting by simply carrying an innovative eco friendly umbrella.

6. Eco friendly clothing for babies

Clothing for Babies

Small cuddly babies are never expected to be involved in any causes like eco-friendly concepts and something. However, you can make it possible by simply make them wear an eco-friendly outfit. Basically, eco-friendly clothes are resulted because of organic farming. The organic farming is deprived of any kind of chemicals being used throughout the farming process. The entire farming process does not involve any usage of herbicides or pesticides. Instead of that, biodegradable and natural fertilizers are used during farming practices. A special harvesting technique is followed in case of eco-friendly cloth production. The unique soil management procedure and crop rotation standards make the go green concept truly applicable. You do not even have to worry about their proper cleanliness, as the eco-friend clothes are easily washable too. This cute outfit will not only make your baby look super cute rather also give them to chance to establish a style statement via healthy green way. In this way, even small babies contribute to environment save mission by wearing an organic cotton infant baby suit.

7. Pollution sensitive dress

Sensitive Dress

The science and technology is constantly working towards reducing the pollution effects in our environment. However, for the first time art and fashion is also contributing towards the eco-friendly mission. The crumpled and tired condition of our clothes never put a nice impression to your mind. How about getting an idea about your surrounding through the same described condition of your dress?

Besides, you also get to know about all health hazards due to disturbances in your surrounded air. Recently, a special dress named EPA by Stephanie Sandstrom, efficiently shown its response against bad air surrounding. The designer has assembled the unique sensor with the dress material, which in turn creates a twist on the dress surface by detecting the bad air atmosphere around the carrier. the main highlight i.e. dress sensitivity makes it unique from any other modern dresses designed so far. Therefore, whenever the dress detects the unhealthy or poor surrounding, the dress looks automatically changes and gives a soiled appearance. Another incredible invention in the same field is also introduced. It is designed by Amanda Parkes and named this dress as Piezing dress. This particular dress mainly functions on combine affect of human motion and piezoelectric effect. The entire mechanism involves the storage of generated electricity in small storing battery for further use conditions. The main highlight of this product is, the produced electricity, generated after the result of mechanical motion in the area encircled around elbow joints and hip potion of the dress. Therefore, even fashion and art industries are paying equal attention to incredible style presentation along with the concern towards the environment.

8. Eco friendly moss carpet

Moss Carpet

A walk on grass always makes you experience a pleasant feeling. It is even recommended in order to attain a healthy blood circulation into your body. One of the innovative products designed is the moss carpet. Placing your feet over moss carpet almost gives you the same relax feeling as you get in the park. The moss carpet is especially made by using foam called plastazote. The complete mat mainly includes three types of mosses. One is island moss, second is ball moss and the last one is forest moss. It is only suitable for keeping in your bathrooms. This is because moss remains fresher in humid atmosphere which is best found in bathroom like places in house. So bring this incredible creation with eco-friendly thought and makes your bathroom an eco-friend place as well.

9. Eco friendly car racer

Car Racer

Automobiles are always considered harmful for the environment. The burning fuels are the major source for causing pollution in surrounding. Apart from that, the manufacturing process of complete body of the car also includes severe polluting ways to accomplish. The use of fossil fuels is one of the serious issues attached with car. However, one convenient green invention is presented in context of car driving. One innovative car named Eco One is launched with an aim of obeying non-polluting strategy. This is basically, a single seater racing car. The whole body of the car is constructed with biodegradable materials. Right from the body to the kind of fuel used for car movement, all plastics parts is replaced with organic substances like plants. The eco-car tyres are specially made from potato residues. Whereas, the brake pads are manufactured with the help of ground cashew shell particles. The entire body structure is made with the help of rapeseed oil and hemp. Besides, liquid mixture of fermented wheat and sugar beet is used as a running fuel of the car. This whole new eco-friendly concept in the field of automobile is very much capable to bring revolution in current time. It is reported that Eco One car is ninety five percent biodegradable and can easily be recycled in the nature. Only some of the car parts such as steering wheel, electric circuits and seats are comprises of basic conventional substances. At the same time, several tests also revealed that Eco One can easily cover zero to sixty two mph in just four seconds. Hence, acquiring high-performance-eco-friendly car is no more exist only as a myth rather it is already converted into reality.

10. Eco friendly earrings


How about combining your modish accessories with a noble cause of green concept for your environment? Well, as we know fashionable jewelries are mainly made from plastics and metals like materials, it takes around several years for their proper decomposition. However, many accessories are designed with less harming materials and easily decomposed ones. Such types of earrings are named as Eco-friendly accessories. This includes the light weighted earrings and easy to be carried by you. For example, the Eco-fashion accessories are presented by Kitten labs with beautiful design created with the help of IBM Selectric typewriter balls. The pretty balls used makes it more attractive and light weighted. This particular Eco-friendly invention not only enhances your modish appearance rather also contributes your environment to make it less polluted through many ways. Such as by reducing the landfill risks and many more.

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