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10 Zero energy gadgets for a clean future

zero energy gadgets

Technological advances go on unabated in our world. While more devices and gadgets are added to the infinite list of already existing ones, it is time to pay heed to the energy consumption of these devices too. That is the driving force behind the design and development of gadgets that consume zero-energy since they are self-sufficient when it comes to their own power needs. Here are 10 such gadgets that power themselves and have thus become popular zero-energy gadgets:

1. Proxim Zero powered energy saver makes conservation easy

Proxim self-powered energy gadget

A cool gadget that generates energy as you sweat it out! The Proxim from Maxim has the ability to convert motion into energy using a micro-generator. A small weight that oscillates within the device whenever you move ensures that electricity is generated. The charge it holds can then be used to power other devices and appliances once they are plugged in and installed with it.

2. Zero powered ‘Laser’ makes bicycling safe

Self-powered Laser

“Laser” is a gadget that is powered by the movement of a bicycle and it generates a laser beam. It actually generates a laser ellipse around the cycle and the cyclist. Thus, the cyclist’s occupied space on the road increases. Any violations of this space leads to triggering of alarms, alerting the trespasser and keeping the cyclist safe in the process.

3. Zero powered ‘Eco Shower’ saves energy and water

Self-powered Eco Shower

Made from ‘ice stone’ which is the result of the recycling of glass, steel and concrete, the Eco Shower boasts of a turbine which has been integrated into the shower-head. This generates electricity as water flows and uses the same to heat the water. There are pressure blocks on the footboard that pump water to the shower head, regulating the flow based on the weight of the person standing on it.

4. Swiss+Tech BodyGard Survivor 12-In-1 Zero-Powered Emergency Companion

Swiss Tech BodyGard Survivor

When on a trial of survival, the Bodygard Survivor is something that you would be pleased to have with you! It is a 12-in-1 kit for survival. It comes packed with a panic alarm, a digital FM radio, an LED flashlight, a motion-activated security alarm, a cell phone charging output, a red emergency flasher, AC-charging adapter input, a signaling mirror, a compass, an adjustable lanyard, a mini storage compartment and a hand crank that allows you to generate all your power needs!

5. OrigAudio Zero-Powered Speakers

OrigAudio Self-Powered Speakers

Awarded as one of the top 50 inventions of 2009, these Fold n’ Play speakers, made from heavy-duty paper combine street entertainment with the art of Origami! They can be neatly folded up when not in use and connected to any audio device when needed. Weighing less than a pound and being self-powered, speakers could not have got better.

6. Bware – A smart, Zero-powered water usage monitoring device

Bware  A smart self-powered  gadget

This is an intelligent integration device which when fitted to a tap or shower, uses the flow of water to generate electricity. This power is then used to run a real-time water-usage calculator so that the user is always aware of the precious resource being wasted. With Bluetooth integration being planned, this device will make the tracking possible even wirelessly.

7. TubeBot – Zero-powered autonomous robot to monitor leaks in water pipes

TubeBot Self-powered gadget

Say goodbye to the days of painfully digging up the plumbing of a whole city to discover and repair leaks. The Tubebot can move through pipes scanning them ultrasonically for damage and leaks. It then sends the data wirelessly to a remote location. The best thing is that it is powered by the water flow and needs no other source of energy.

8. Eton Axis ARCPT300W Zero-powered Safety Hub

Eton Axis ARCPT300W Self-powered gadget

Here is a portable gadget produced by Eton in collaboration with the American Red Cross. Deriving power from an AC current, batteries or a mechanical, aluminium crank, the device plays FM and AM radio including the NOAA weatherband channels. The LED flashlight and the USB cellphone charger come packed along with it.

9. Zumo Zero-powered LED light for your bike

Zumo self-powered gadget

Safety and self-dependence go hand-in hand for cyclists who opt for the Zumo. Based on the normal flashlight that is powered by cranking manually, the LED light gadget has been suitably modified to utilize the spinning of the bicycle tires to generate electricity and light. Thus you have a portable energy source for your own portable light.

10. Zero Powered Green Pass Turnstile gadget

Self Powered Green Pass Turnstile gadget

Green Pass is a concept that attempts to utilize a host of human activities at public spaces like railway stations and bus terminals to turn turnstiles which will generate electricity to run the ticket checking counters, swiping cards and coin insertion processes. The concept bears great potential in places that have huge human traffic.

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