Eco friendly beds preserving your green conscience during sleep

Bed time is regarded as the most desired time in our day. After all the hectic work we just want to dig into our beds and slip into a world of dreams. What about adding another handful of sugar into the pie? Why not consider making this relaxing moments more close to nature? Sounds interesting? To be close to nature is one of the most pleasurable experience for anyone. So, let’s look at some eco friendly beds that would give you the experience of nature in the best comfort and safety of your home.

Kinetic energy powered green bed

The Ecotypic Bed, designed by Arthur Xin, just gives you everything you have been dreaming about your bed. It makes you feel as though you are lying amidst vines. The best thing about the Ecotypic Bed, or the Green Bed, is that it allows you to grow your favorite vine on it. The bed works on kinetic energy, stored in a battery beneath the bed, which is produced when someone lies on top of it. The energy thus produced is used to light up the LED lights on the bed’s frame. There is also a music system integrated in the bed which is run by the kinetic energy produced by any physical activity on the bed. The Ecotypic Bed also has a storage space beneath it. The ‘nature’ part of the bed is that it also has a flower box where you can seed any kind of plant that would grow on its frames.

Sustainable Buden bamboo bed for eco-living

The idea behind the Buden bamboo bed is to not only provide comfort or act as a piece of decor to your room but it also economizes the space. The patent areas generally found in all the beds are the head rest area and the space under the bed. The designers have intelligently utilized those spaces to make a headboard and foot drawers. This helps you to organize the possessions you need in your bedroom, such as, pillows, bed sheets, books etc. This bed box manufactured by the modern company gives you the eco-option that you hunt around to get the maximum out of the minimum- a definite yes for the campaign GREEN.

Evening Breeze Canopi Bed

What more would you like to have than to enjoy a good night sleep in the most apt temperature without the constant hum noise of an AC or a whirlwind experience underneath a fan. Evening Breeze Canopi bed has an alternative for you. The ventilation system is integrated in the bed. It circulates the air around the bed to help you sleep soundly, this also saves energy as the conditioned air revolves around the bed. The temperature is set by a remote control in your hands. A well thought technology also gives a contemporary look to your room.

Angelo Tomaiuolo’s ‘Sleepy’ organic bed for Tonin CASA

The first look at the bed would indeed impress you and trust us it is going to stay for long. This simple yet exquisite looking organic bed believes in producing results. The designer Angelo Tomaiuolo has taken care of things in detail. It has been carefully created so that each bed transmits sleep. The compact look of the bed gives it an edge in the market compared to others. The head of the bed is covered in the same eco-leather as the body. The sheets can be easily tucked in from beneath the behind of the bed head. Design of the bed suits the contemporary rooms and for a king size bed a more lavish establishment is required.

Natural Latex is the new must have luxury bed

The milk of the rubber plant is the main ingredient of the mattress in this bed. It is fast catching on in America. Highly elastic, this mattress is also very supple and can surprisingly last for 15 years. This modern mattress is an inspiration from the past. The natural latex provides an out of the world sleeping experience. The warmth, the pliant and squashy feel of the mattress lulls you to sleep. It is covered in organic cotton and wool. And truly natural makes it 100% biodegradable and renewable.

Abaca’s organic bed

Organic should be the way of life. We cannot compromise with our health at any cost. And health covers everything we do with your body, whether it is eating, drinking or even sleeping.Abaca’s organic bed brings that difference in your life. It doesn’t have any harmful material to give you comfort at one end but illness at the other extreme. Research proves that you spend one third of your life in bed. So to give justice to your body you deserve to give it the utmost comfort it requires. Abaca’s organic bed is healthier and you can feel the difference your alarm clock goes off in the morning for office. It comes in all range of sizes and as per your requirement, with or without drawers.

Eco friendly Topaze pull-out bed

In this day and age when you are craving for space and can’t get one in a metropolitan city, you compromise, however, not everywhere. The Eco friendly Topaz pull-out bed gives you the scope to welcome a friend who wants to stay over at night. The wood is made of ecologically harvested natural wood of pine. It’s a combination of metal frame and natural wood. In normal circumstance the upper part of the bed is like a bunk bed and the lower part comes out with ease supported by legs that releases automatically, for a friend at home.

Take a nap in the gentle lap of nature: The Cinderella bed!

The Cinderella bed speaks volumes when it comes to its look. Its indeed a simple product but an outcome of an unusual creativity. It carries a great deal of romanticism and reminds us of greek love. And yes, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you plan your wedding on it. The bed has eco-friendly material and is made by Okooko from New Zealand. The wool from New Zealand is one of the constituents of this product. The bed comes with the mattress at a jaw dropping price of $4600.

Voyage Bed

Tom Hanks wouldn’t have to struggle a lot making a wooden raft in the movie Cast Away had he found Voyage bed there. An inspiration to many who adorn the idea of Green today, Kenneth Cobnpue infuses his dream into reality. A steel frame is used to put hand woven buri or abaca. It is then tied with abaca ropes. This cocoon shaped bed is a blend of modernity and nature. Complementing the bed is a nightstand which completes the aura it forms in the room. The Voyage bed is a delight to the eyes which also leaves a wishful thinking of reaching destinations galore.

Grass bed for the lazy environmentalist

This star shaped bed is a feast to the eyes. It definitely looks inviting and whether you are a poet, you would like to kick your shoes off and lay on any side of the bed to gaze at the nothingness of the world. Well that definitely sounds dreamy. The bed can lay sprawled in your bedroom, study and even garden. And you have to still figure out if the grass is real. May be you have to sprinkle it with water twice in a day and trim it once in a month, and lets hope the lazy environmentalist does the least to save the ailing earth.