10 Concept chargers harvesting alternative energy sources

Concept cellphone charger

The availability of ecofriendly concept chargers has reduced our dependency on electric chargers to a great extent. These ecofriendly chargers use green energy to charge mobile phone and other gadgets. These chargers are designed and built to use the kinetic energy of these gadgets to charge them if required.

Here is the list of 10 concept chargers that harvest alternative energy sources.

1. I-Green Charger concept

I-Green Charger

Fandi Menf, an industrial designer, has manufactured a concept generator that can be used to charge cellphones using renewable energy. Menf has named his innovative creation the I-Green Bicycle Charging System. The device harvests kinetic energy generated by the movement of bike and then convert this kinetic energy into electricity.

2. Concept shoe charger

shoe charger

The highly innovative concept shoe charger is the brainchild of Argentine Industrial designer Soledad Martin. It is an ecofriendly device which generates renewable energy by harvesting motion. The device is attached to the shoe of the user and it generates energy due to the motion of the person. The charger has a socket to plug in the mobile phones if you wish to recharge it using this concept shoe charger.

3. iFan concept

iFan concept

The ecofriendly charger for the iPhone is designed and built by industrial designer Tjeerd Veenhoven. The charger called the iFan concept provides protection to the device by wrapping around it and it uses the wind energy to charge the iPhone. The iFan concept will attract those who are frequent travelers. According to Veenhoven, the concept charger will charge the iPhone in around six hours.

4. Concept solar powered charger

solar powered charger

Designer Nikolay Bastrakov is credited with manufacturing a concept charger that is powered by solar energy. The device is compact, easy to carry, and stylish in look. This charger is made from silicone and the designer has used polymer to make it light and sturdy. ‘Thin film’ solar cells are used in this charger. This unique charger contains a converter, a small battery, and a microprocessor.

5. Magic Rubik’s Cube charger concept

Magic Rubik’s Cube charger

Designer Zheng Weixi has conceived the idea of the Magic Charger concept that harvests alternative energy source to generate electricity. Zheng has used the principles of electromagnetic induction in this ecofriendly charger.

6. Concept cellphone charger by Clara Zamboni

Concept cellphone charger

This innovative Lotus charger is deigned by industrial designer Clara Zamboni. This hand-held charger can harvest the human energy to generate electricity which can be used for charging mobile phones and other devices. According to Zamboni, the energy generated by the rotation of nanogenerators using the thumb is converted by the Lotus. The Lotus has a USB output.

7. Roll Charger concept

Roll Charger

Chinese product designer Jiang Qian is credited with developing a roll charger concept. Jiang’s device uses the mechanical energy generated in the balls to generate electricity. When balls are rolled in the palm, they generate energy and this energy is harnessed by the Roll Charger. The charger can charge two batteries at a time. Jiang has fitted a LED in this charger which allows the user to know whether the charger is working or not.

8. Dyson energy wrist charger design concept

Dyson energy wrist charger

This ecofriendly charger is different from all other green charger we have talked before because you can wear this one on your wrist and recharge your cellphone. It is interesting to note that this concept charger doesn’t harness the energy of motion. The charger generates electricity by making use of the changes in the temperature of the wrist of the user. Since the charger is based on the thermoelectric effect, it features a thermocouple.

9. Viber Burst kinetic energy charger

Viber Burst kinetic energy charger

Swinburne University student Josh Pell has come up with the idea of a concept charger named Viber Burst. This green charger harnesses the power of motion and can charge cellphone in only two seconds. Pell has mounted the internal components of this charger on a flexible PCB. The device will be available for sale in recycled packaging.

10. Yoyo Mobile Phone charger

Yoyo Mobile Phone charger

The Yoyo Mobile Phone charger concept harvests kinetic energy. An inbuilt dynamo harnesses the energy from motion to generate electricity. The user just need to keep spinning the device until the battery gets fully charged. The battery can be used to recharge several electronic devices.