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Easy tips to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle

Living a sustainable lifestyle is much more than spreading the propaganda and recycling waste. Adopting a change as big as ...

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Woman in Landfill

Simple tricks in recycling e-waste with some help from your kids

An average home uses approximately 24 electronic gadgets most of which include cell phones, video games, and tablets. Because of ...

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Eco-friendly accessories that pair well with your smartphones and tablets

You cannot find the best functionalities when you try to find green smartphones or tablets, but you can significantly reduce ...

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Significance of Renewable Energy

The biggest issue that threatens the world today is our reliance on fossil fuels and the diminishing natural resources. Burning ...

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Electric car concepts that push the envelope for imagination

Designers have to think ahead of time and automakers have to be innovative to create a model that would be ...

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Human powered electricity generators are sustainable – in a non-Matrix kind of way

Researchers around the globe are experimenting to find new ways of generating power by utilizing renewable sources like solar, wind, ...

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Pedal powered buses? Yes, they exist and they are fun

If you are planning a fun trip around the town with your family and friends and want to enjoy a ...

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Green ideas to boost your organic garden

If you are trying to bring about a sustainable change in your lifestyle, organic food must top your list of ...

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Simple ideas that make your kitchen a greener place

Your sustainable eating habits need to extend to include your cooking and cleaning habits in the kitchen as well. Every ...

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water management techniques  (2)

The best 6 water management techniques and methods a business must follow

Inspite of the fact that majority of the planet is composed of water, water shortage and wastage continues to be ...

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4 Companies Committed to Protecting the Environment

In the 1980s, Gordon Gecko spoke for corporate America when he uttered the immortal line “Greed is good.” However, the ...

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sustainable and ethical wedding

3 ways to organise a sustainable and ethical wedding

The average wedding in the United States produces 62 tons of carbon dioxide and 400-600lbs of garbage. Multiply that for ...

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